A Christmas Gift For Apple Lovers: The iSlate

apple-islateWe all know it’s coming, we just don’t know what it’s called. The latest rumor comes from TechCrunch.  (The Domains a nice story as well) When TechCrunch speaks people listen.  They’ve done a little investigative reporting and have linked the registration and trademarks of iSlate to the various entities that Apple has used in the past.  The protection company Mark Monitor has been used in the past to secure domain and trademarks and they appear to be all over the islate.  Apple evidently did all this three years ago and it from looking at registration history of many of the islate domains, it wasn’t until November that people started getting a hint of the name.

Free islate, islater, islates, islate cases, islate tablet, you name it, they are all taken.  So on January 26th, we’re going to hear the official name of the new Apple device and most people seem pretty sure of the new name.  There are a few people that do know the name and they are the accessory people.  They have been recently told the name so they can make sure to have everything labeled and marketed properly.  Of course they were given exact shapes and specs to make their devices as well.  You absolutely won’t get any info out of them as they would not only be sued but would lose Apple’s business.  I think the only way to truly find out is to have Christmas Eve drinks with friends and family and have somebody tell you all about it that is working with the new device after too many drinks.  And a wonderful Christmas eve it was

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