Christmas Every Day: A Few Nice Dropping Domains For Saturday

Dec 26 2009

The weekend after Christmas is a very sloooooow weekend for domaining but sometimes the slow times give you the best deals.  Not very many domains but here are 3 that I liked. The .nets seem to be the best values on the board lately.  I realize .com is king but when the queen has been going dirt cheap.  Christmas day was a great day to have auctions ending (for buyers) .  I picked up  RatedG (dot) co-m and scorm (dot) n-et for under $150 combined.  61,000 searches and a decent CPC makes this a nice domain.  Will go under $100. 61K searches and plenty of ads make this a good value.  Not much action @ $10 right now 27,000 searches and every fat American on New Years will be looking for this one.  Nice $2.25 CPC.  11 Bidders

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