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A Few Domainers That Don’t Get WriteUps But Are Heading Towards Big Things

You hear the big names over and over but there are tons of people that make a living buying, selling, and developing that you’ll never see on the front page of a domain site or blog.  Many of them don’t even really want their story told because they don’t want others copying what they do.  They also all share one common characteristic, they are all good guys that seem to enjoy life and what they do for a living.  At the conference, I stay away from the smug, overconfident, boastful types.  You know the type, the guys that don’t want to have anything to do with you if you don’t have anything to offer to them. These guys are the opposite.  They share their successes and keep an open ear to those that can offer advice to help them make more money.  These guys are the guys that are headed towards great things.

Ron Wells

Ron is old school.  He does one thing.  He buys low and sells high.  He has a strategy that works well and he’s not going to share what it is.  After several years of being friends with Ron I know a few of his secrets but I am smart enough to stay away from his area.  If you’ve met Ron his size is intimidating. He looks like a defensive end but he’s as gentle as a teddy bear.  Ron has made a living buying and selling and has done it for many years now.  He’s starting to develop a few names and finding success.  He’s new to developing but once he figures it out, watch out, he’ll get big fast.

Oscar Correa

If you know Ron you know Oscar.  Ron is Oscar’s mentor and is one of the few guys that Ron has let in on all his secrets.  Oscar’s taken those and added his outgoing personality to be able to leave his banking job and domain for a living the last few years.  Originally from Chile he hopes to take his new fiance’ (who we met at a domain conference together) and move back to his homeland.  Oscar too is a buy low sell high guy and is strategy has his doing quite well this last year.  Oscar’s young and enthusiastic and it shows in his work.  He’s certainly the future of this industry if he keeps up the pace.

David Wieland (

David is a serial entrepreneur.  He one of our Chicago Connection domain guys and is best know for putting in the wifi for all our Chicago hotels.  He’s expanded now into venture capital and is funding other young start ups.  One start up he is funding is his own  He has over 10,000 in his portfolio but he is gradually reducing the numbers to keep his portfolio filled with only high quality names.  He also has a pretty good team of developers and coders. David knows how to make money and no doubt will be a major player in this market one way or another.

Truk  “The 2nd Largest Domainer in all of Norway”:

I apologize for forgetting his last name but Truk was one of the most interesting guys I met at DomainFest.  Truk is a Vietnamese immigrant to Norway that has progressed from trader to real estate to now being all in with domains.  Truk owns one of only 5 registrars in Norway and has one of the best portfolios in the company.  But that’s not all he does.  He also has 12,000 dot coms and growing every day.  He is picking up top names every day and can tell you all kinds of data about his competitors.  He also keeps a keen eye on his returns and profit.  He looks at his portfolio as an investment and says he has already doubled his money and much higher returns for his Norway portfolio.  Little guy but going to be a big story

Steven Kennedy

One of the nicest young men you’ll meet in this industry.  Quiet, unassuming, yet supports his family through domaining.  If you’ve been to the conferences you probably have me him. Most people know him as the owner of but his portfolio is much deeper.  He owns and is currently building out as well.  I always enjoy talking with Steven and he is the kind of guy that is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas.  He is already a success but I see a bright future for this young man.

Matt Wegrzyn

Matt is best known for being the owner of, a parking company.  He now is most likely going to be known as the guy that owns Namepros after his recent purchase.  Adam Dicker acts like he has no competition but I think Matt would disagree.  Although Matt and I chatted very briefly and he may not even remember as we were out a little late, I still can’t get over how young he is, or looks.  He is certainly the next generation of domain investors.  Youth, intelligence, and money will go a long way in our industry.


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  1. I think it’s “Truc” Tran. Very nice guy. I sat next to Matt Wegrzyn on the way to one of the events, and could have sworn he was fresh out of high school. He’s making a smart move by diversifying away from parking.

  2. Goal for 2012- Get on a list like this. I wont stop working 25 hour days and 8 day work weeks until this is a reality. Making progress every day, and forming the right business relationships..thats what its about.

    Inspiring, thanks Shane. Once can only dream of doing something cool that they like for a GOOD living.

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