Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 2-10-12

Feb 10 2012

I’m back buying NNNN.coms.  Picked up a couple over the last few weeks if you have some for sale, email me with domain and price.  I pay quickly but I am reselling these so please don’t send enduser prices.  Now onto today’s names. I think this would do a pretty good defining what your company does.  There is nothing than a $8 Fenway Game Dog  One of my favorite names.  My old girlfriend’s little sister was named this and for that alone my daughter was not allowed to have it.  Four letter that is easy to say and spell.  10 years old  I know it’s a dot org but you can make money with da clubs.  Under $300 is a good deal here  Chrysler is probably going to want this but given the low amount of searches, maybe not   Lots of people looking for good info on rats.  Ok maybe I’m kidding but you could buy worse domains for $69 I know this one is Saturday but interested repeater.  Great keywords for $69. Yeah I know, two infos in one day but for the one above is a only because its a well known three letter word and this because of the searches.

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