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Saturday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net

I have a speech to give in a few weeks about new perennials for 2012 and as I started writing it and developing the “cards” for my Keynote aka Powerpoint presentation I got to thinking.  “Why am I not making a site out of this presentation?”.  I am gathering data and adding photos, I might as well put that up on a site.  I own so now as I put the presentation together I can build a site at the same time.  Getting paid twice.  The four at the end will keep it in a decent price range  Locksmith and in the same category as towtrucks, you never need them during working hours  It’s hard for me to even write this after all the tormenting I received in High School.  One shower and this nickname stuck with me for years.  It’s horrible  1998 domain that I will be bidding on.  Normally I wouldn’t touch a name with 6 numbers but this one is a little different.  It’s very easy to say and to market.  One hundred, two hundred.  I think is a much better name but I think it still goes for over $1000 All men love the thought of a new grill.  Of course my wife is the master chef so I merely admire the grill and don’t cook on it.  Want some big traffic for a little amount?  Going to get 11,000 plus visitors a month because this used to be a site

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Shane, based on your ‘value of unique’ post earlier week, I got the sense that you were planning to build one large site, vs lots of smaller sites like the referenced above? Or, a combination of both to compliment each other?

  2. Can you suggest a good cold weather tree to grow for privacy?
    The property in question is staying in the family indefinitely so hopefully, I’d like to enjoy it 20-30 years from now but I’m doing this more for my offspring.

    Unfortunately, what used to be rural is now exurban and the property’s now within eyeshot of the nearest neighbor, which bothers the shit out of me.

    Is there anything distinctly better than Norwegian spruce?

    1. anon,

      ‘Wintergreen’ arborvitae, ‘green giant’ arborvitae, and my favorite , Norway Spruce ‘Cuppressina” Real thin and real hardy. Tree advice on a domain site……Nice

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