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A Few Domains Dropping Today: The Roll Tide Edition

Well today’s the day.  Alabama is playing for the national championship and I’m just a little bit excited.  I grew up in Tuscaloosa in the 70’s, got to see Bear Bryant every day, and thought winning is what everyone did.  It’s something I carry with me every day. When I start something I expect to win.  I’ll work harder, longer, and smarter than the others.  We’ll see if it translates into making money with domains.  So far, so good. Now on to the links. ………………..And as I say every day.  I couldn’t do it without  The best domain drop finder out there. I’ve been looking at this one for a week because of all the bids.  Over $1000 now and I can’t see any reason to buy this other than to steal the traffic from the company Patriot Homes.  Still interesting to watch 2900 searches and $22 CPC make this a good buy for under a $100.  I tried to get it cheap but somebody is willing to pay more than $50 A ton of people looking for this one.  15K.   I can get you into this one for the  low low price of $10 Valuate at $5200 and a I think this will go for under $500.  10 Bidders at this point I’m not a big fan but 20 bidders are AND its a 4L One of the better acronym 4Ls out there.  Will go for 1K plus though Name says it all. available much cheaper I love the name but nobody else seems to.  No bidders.  What a great meeting site. I’d never buy the name but wouldn’t it be funny if you just put up a bunch of regular pictures with no ninjas in them?  Get it, you can’t see ninjas.  Take the idea and run (.net available as well)   High CPC, not anyone looking for these keywords now but come hurricane time….

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3 Replies to “A Few Domains Dropping Today: The Roll Tide Edition”

  1. can be sold ! Won’t hurt to try right ? NinjaNude ranks pretty well for most of the ‘celeb’nude pics searches at google.

    Good luck !

  2. *

    TheHandshake is a great possibility for someone willing to set up an online business networking site: it’s descriptive, memorable, not likely to be misspelled, and easy to type in.

    In the English-speaking world, “the handshake” is a well-known term that everyone understands: trust, keeping one’s word, and stellar reputation.

    I may even jump in this one.

    Maybe no bidders now, but it’s early in the day.

    Merry “Old” Christmas (today) from the Balkans!


  3. didn’t know you were a Bama fan.. I was able to pick up about a month back off the drop.. trying to build it out as a stadium guide (that is, when I get time, or someone else wants to buy it)..

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