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To The Guy That Was Just Bidding Against Me on RoboticPets dot com

robotic-robot-petsYou owe me $600.  You gotta love auctions.  When it gets down to two people wanting the same thing, the price can get high quickly.  I set my iPhone alarm for three minutes before the drop auction ended to make sure I didn’t get sniped.  On Godaddy, you really can’t snipe because it adds three minutes to the auction if you bid in the last few minutes.  This guy evidently didn’t know it because he consistently bid in the last 10 seconds thinking it was like Ebay.  Godaddy is smarter than that. They know they can another 30% or more if they keep going.  And it did

We pushed each other up a hundred at a time until he finally bowed out.  I hit my limit and had he bid it up $5 I would have been out.  Without the other bidder, I would have had the name at 50% of the cost.  Then again if there were no other bidders I would have had it for $10.  I guess that’s what an auction is all about

As for the domain, I love the term robotic pets.  As people get busier, I truly can see more robot pets entering the home.  No chewing on the leg of the sofa, no peeing in the corner, no walking, no shots.  Perfect except for the affection.  They certainly are not substitutes for real pets but perhaps in time. When shopping for domain names I try and chose names that will be as meaningful in 10 years as they are today. I believe this one may actually increase.  I think robotpets may have been a better name but that wasn’t up for auction today was it?

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11 Replies to “To The Guy That Was Just Bidding Against Me on RoboticPets dot com”

  1. Nicy buy! I like that domain, I saw it at GoDaddy as well. At that time it was at around $300, though I decided not to bid.

  2. Congratulations! I was eating breakfast with a friend during the auction. Ooops. I was going to take that name further north than what you paid for it…so you owe me some pancakes. 🙂

    1. Late breakfasts always get you. I’m always open for a quick flip if you want it. I’m not too greedy although the anxiety and extra time spent bidding on the thing did take some of my life away that I can never get back. Then again, so did typing this post. I better get back to my real job

  3. It was me. But you brought it upon yourself 🙂
    I only came to know about this after I read your daily drop email, did some research and decided to bid on this one.

    I went upto 1000.

    Then 1005 and then just decided that I have too many projects on hand as it is.

    Good luck with it.


    1. LOL It was you then. I didn’t put that one in the post though (I keep just a few out so I can pay the bills) Would you have paid $1100 now that you know that was my last bid?

  4. Also I wasn’t trying to snipe you cause this is not my first time on Godaddy auctions. I was having a late breakfast and doing other stuff at the same time. LOL.

  5. I did some research and decided not to go beyond that. Its definitely an upcoming trend but just thought there will be other battles for more domains soon.

  6. Do you still get anxious when bidding?
    I have learn’t not too otherwise I get carried away.

    You know if you decided not to pay for it, GD will revert back the difference and contact me.

    Insert evil smile here.

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