A Few Great Names Dropping Today

Feb 11 2010

Finally flipped a few names.  I said I was jonezin and the doctor filled my prescription.  On the hunt for a few good pickups and if you are as well here are a few I like


And Again, For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. They’re still offering the 7 day trials for a few more days


ChargerPads.com The future of charging your gadgets.  $30 now, thousands later

RootCellar.com A very nice name.  And although not too many people have them anymore it still works.  Estibot at $4K but I think it’s a deal under $500

HoundDogs.net Not the greatest name in the world but 8,000 searches and I already have the slogan.  ” We ain’t nothin’ but” Sorry

IFeelPretty.net 10,000 searches and a “feel good” term.  Estibot has it as $1400 and although maybe not worth that , it’s certainly worth $20

Balmoral.com Everyone is going to be looking for racing information here but also a popular name in Europe.

ClassyNails.com I think this is the name of the almost every Vietnamese nail shop in Chicago.  Not that they have a website buy maybe someday….and no bids

RSR.org Three letter dot org?  Sedo says they’re picking up in prices so go ahead and buy it.

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