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Viral Twitter Prank Gives Website Great Traffic

staggered_newlywedsontjobIt’s a rite of passage, the best man playing a prank on the bride and groom.  The second biggest rite of passage?  Lying and saying you won’t.   This week one of the more creative pranks was pulled off and it drew tens of thousands to the twitter site that captured the prank as it happened.  The online magazine Stagered ( picked up and the joke and became the “official sponsor” of the prank.  By official sponsor that means they become the link in you bio I guess. Here’s Stagarered explanation of the prank

Staggered’s editor Andrew Shanahan explained, “The account was set up by an anonymous best man who was made to promise before the wedding that he wouldn’t pull any pranks on the groom. However, while housesitting when the newlyweds were away on honeymoon, he finally got the chance to play his joke. He rigged up the bed using a pressure pad so that it tweets every time the newlyweds started some amorous activity. The pressure pad logs weight, duration and even the frenzy! It’s an amazing prank and it made the Staggered team laugh a lot. Scores of other people seemed to think so too and before long this guy had over 22,000 followers on Twitter.”

Twenty two thousand followers is huge in such a short amount of time.  Meanwhile, Staggered is getting great traffic from the prank which won’t be revealed until Feb 26th at the wedding.  The story taught me two things.  One, a viral twitter campaign is worth a ton of money and can drive tens of thousands of readers to your site.  Two, I can’t spell staggered and a lot of others can’t as well, so it is a terrible name for a website.

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  1. I wonder how did they do that on the technical side. Would be great to see a system that tweets every time somebody tries to break into a car.

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