A Few Nice Domains Dropping (Eventually) Today

Feb 19 2010

There was a little confusion yesterday, both with my timing on drop days and with whether the domains I post are actually drops. They are 99% domains that are expiring in the near future. No their not available for hand reg but merely the names that the registrars are expecting to drop and will sell to the highest bidder when they do. Hopefully that cleans up the confusion.  On a positive note, sold a $60 drop pickup from last year for $XXXX yesterday.  Now on to the names
AllAboutBirds.com Your visitors would certainly know what this site is about.  1 Bidder, worth a few hundred

MechanicalJobs.net 2700 searches and a nice $2.88 CPC make this 8 clicks away from getting back your $20

BestDesigns.com I’m not sure this one will go for value but a very nice name.  Estibot undervalues it but unfortunately the bidders won’t

GuitarAmplifier.net HUGE amount of searches at 33,000 and estibot at $2K

EditPhotos.net Again, big searches and a nice $2.62 CPC.

HerbalPenisEnlargement.com I don’t need it but people are looking for it, almost 7K of them.  I guess I just take it for granted the $3 CPC that is

Too many good names to list.  Go to DomainStryker.com if you want to find more

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