The First Ever DomainShane Poll: What Will Be the Final Selling Price of

Feb 18 2010

There is bound to be endless chatter about opinions of the final selling price of the recently announced bankruptcy sale of  I have my opinion and would love to hear yours.  In thanks for taking the poll I will draw one name out of a hat and say their name out loud.

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  1. Jamie

    $8.7M but clearly these auctions can heat up during bidding! I guess it depends who the bidders are… A-1 will very likely be one of them!

  2. Anunt

    Tell them not to waste their time with the auction…sell it to me for $2M…i’ll take it.
    I think it’s going to sell for around $5.4M…thats my guess!

  3. Domains

    Hi to all

    I think more than 15 million, it is unique Domain!!!
    I will not be afraid to tell, that this domain is the #1 in the WWW

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