A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning

Feb 15 2010

Sorry about getting this off a little late.  Skiing this weekend and after a few beers and a few gallettes, I fell asleep a little earlier than expected.  Now on to the list.   Really not very many good names falling today.  Maybe you can find that jewel that I don’t see. There are a lot more names to find out there if you need a tool to help, go toDomainStryker.com


plainfield.net Many cities across the US with this name.

Tnsa.com under $150 this is a good value.  Nice letters for an acronym.

Payperiod.com Great name that most people associate with payday.  Certainly worth more than what it’s at right now.

DWSO.com Sorry for another acronym but this was the only one I saw at a price I thought you could make money with.  At $40 you  can flip it pretty easily

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