A Few Great Domains Dropping Today

Made it home safely from skiing with the family and didn’t break any bones or total my car.  One of those happened last year. Here are a few really nice names I found that could provide an opportunity for a nice flip or site that will pay back quickly.


FunniestVideos.net 91,000 Searches and good estibot valuation.  No bidders.

ElectricRed.com Great brand name for anything.  Certainly worth the $20 it’s at right now

MessengerBags.net HUGE 200,000 + searches and not very many bidders.  Was a great deal……but now that I posted it, it just got a little more expensive

EmploymentAgency.net Very generic, decent name.  A deal at a few hundred dollars

ActingJobs.net An easy classified website in the making.  No bidders

SatTV.net Nice generic for satellite affiliate sales.  No bidders

There were a ton more good names today.  Go to DomainStryker.com if you want to find more

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