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A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning: Chicago Edition

In Chicago today on business and will be here for a few days before I fly out to Vegas.  I will be late to TRAFFIC and arriving Thursday.  Go ahead and start the conference without me. No need to wait.  I’ll be in early evening Thursday and don’t want to have to push the whole conference back a day just for me.  Now on to the names for today Lots of searches on this one (4,000+) and Ok $1.41 CPC.  Will probably go in the $700-800 range I like it but so does everyone else with all the bidders Imagine, Frosted Flakes by the truckload.  I’ve found your future niche and not even any bidders for the domain.  61K searches I really thought I had found a good one but when I went to look at the auction I saw 25 bidders already.  I guess there are at least 25 other people that liked it as well. I’m not saying there’s not some trademark issues on this one but as you know lots of people are using the domains to sell product with or without trademark problems.  Just pointing out the name.  You and your lawyer can decide if you want it Not a big .org fan but this one works.  50K plus searches and Valuate likes this one as well.

I found all these names with  Only $1 to test drive it for the next week

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  1. you chose to visit at a good time, weathers not bad. If you need to know something about chicago feel free to ask me, I live in chicago.

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