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Bido vs Sedo: One Name Sold on Both Sites in the Same Month

Both sites have their place.  Each one does things well and each has their issues but we are about to see which one gets the most for a domain…., which has been up for auction at both sites.  I was the proud owner this domain and decided to give it a try and put it up for sale at Bido.  I put a reserve of $1000 and like I thought, it flew through the voting process and made it to auction.   At the time my thinking was this.  I paid $1000 at Sedo and even if the auction went bad, the worst thing that would happen is I would lose a little money on the commission.  The best case scenario, people bid on it and it goes high.

I had a great experience in the past at Bido, I had sold a triple repeating 4L for a great profit with the domain going for almost a grand more than I though it would . But it was sold on a different platform. That was before people voted and there were 150 even 200 names per day at auction.  Back then there were 20 and all drew attention and comments.  Unfortunately the auction went like I had feared, one bid, at reserve at 1K.  The guys at Bido put it correctly, if I didn’t feel comfortable with the reserve then I should have raised the reserve or not even put it up so stop bitching (my words not Bido’s) .  And they were right,  but as a relatively new domainer some times you just don’t have confidence and experience to know what to do, so you have to let things ride hoping for the best, and I did.  Now we’re going to see if it was the system or the domain.

Zese is back up at auction on Sedo, the place where I bought it.  A few days left and counting.  I’ll be curious to see if the Sedo platform offers a better return on the sale than my auction. I have my thoughts but we’ll know in due time. I have no regrets in selling the domain, I learned a lesson and didn’t lose any money.  Making mistakes and not losing money is not a normal occurrence for me, so I’m happy.

A final note, this is not a knock on Bido, their system is open and clear.  They are working hard and doing a great job so in no way should you avoid using the platform.  Things are changing for the better and it looks like the new Bido Guarantee would have made it better for my sale.  We’re just going to find out how close they are to catching up to Sedo on higher priced domain names.

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  1. Hi Shane,

    We’ve seen buyers arbitraging both ways, from Bido to Sedo and vice versa, and we’ve seen sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the name, the time, and the alignment of stars.



  2. *

    In this biz, you win some, and you lose some, but you can always learn from situations that might not have gone your way.


  3. Bido wipe the floor already with sedo in so many ways

    Theyre way more innovative
    Their customer support is a 1000 times better
    They work way harder than sedo

    As soon as Bido starts gaining more of the heavy hitter buyers that sedo has gained over the years they will leave sedo in the dust in every respect.

    Good luck with your sale on sedo thats a nice cvcv !

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