A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning: Vegas Edition

As I write this I’m not actually in Vegas. The weather has canceled all flights out west but I hope by the time it posts I’ll be there. I’m using the ridiculous amount of time I’ve been here at the airport to get some work done. I really didn’t want to get any work done but as usual, I actually spend more time waiting for flights that I actually do in the air. I’m done bitching …now onto the drops

Edit: Made it to Vegas and finally met a few of the guys that I talk to every day via email and Twitter. I was exhausted but still managed to hang out with Morgan Linton and hear about all the exiting things happening over at his new site.

6364.net It’s a dot net but very easy number to remember. A steal at it’s present price

Roll.org I already have the slogan. “this is how we roll”

Actornews.com First thing I looks for in a name is if you can tell what the site is about in the title and this one works. Not too many searches but good name for $50. Would make a nice celebrity blog

lobotomy.info HUGE number of searches at 33K but I’d much rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

RockOnline.com I have a friend that could really use this name for his project. Evidently other people can as well as it’s getting a lot of bidders. 1200 searches per month and $1200 Valuate 14 year old name

DnFox.com Just pointing it out for all you domaining name lovers

Domain of the Day: