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Who Says There’s No Good Names Left for Hand Reg? I Found A Fantastic One

Actually it was me.  I still believe it for the most part but you certainly can make up brandable names that work well for your website.  I am going to start another humor site (I sold all the rest) and I needed a funny name and came across a real beauty that wasn’t registered.     I laugh just saying it out loud and I can already see the logo.  A heavy set woman in lingerie sitting on the edge of the stage smoking a cigarette.  Add a little smeared lipstick and messed up hair and you have the perfect lazy stripper.

My wife is my editor for almost everything I do.  She doesn’t help me on this site as she just doesn’t “get it”.  But she does get humor and she’s one of the wittiest people I know.  In the past I would run a story past her and ask her if it would do well on digg.  If she said yes it was pretty much front page every time.

A few months ago she asked me why I didn’t start another humor site.  Past sites were mostly “best of the web” type sites.  I would throw also put together funny pictures, stories, and memes that I would start.  They never made huge money but it was easy to get huge traffic.  A million uniques per month was not unusual but it wasn’t quality traffic.  Reddit and Digg traffic is good in numbers but never click an ad.  CPM stuff doesn’t pay well either but it’s really not about the money.  It’s about having fun.

So look for Lazy Stripper coming soon if you want a good laugh.  If you want to squat on it before it gets hot, the .net and .org are still available.

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  1. Haha, I love it! The name has just the right vibe for what I imagine you doing with it. I picked up at a nominal price recently in the same spirit. Sometimes a name just makes you giggle.

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