A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Morning

Not a lot of good, cheaper dot coms falling today but some real nice .nets.  There are plenty more but you’ll have to find them yourselves and like I mentioned yesterday. I used  DomainStryker.com to help me find all these names and they’re running a special $1 for 7 Days if you want to try it out.

Longbeachcondos.com 22K searches and nice CPC.  Good geoish names

LLLL.net The real letters.  The king of LLLL.nets

Iambicpentameter.net There’s nothing sexier than iambic pentameter.  Also a nice poetry site name

ToyRobot.net Valuate doesn’t like it but I do. 9800 searches don’t  lie

PresidentialQuotes.net Huge CPC ($13 but I’m guessing the word quote is not this type of quote)  and lots of searches  Real easy to make a site out of this one

Domain of the Day: