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An Unusual Way to Get Search Engine Trafic from Googel

SEO Using Mistyped wordsIt works especially well with this blog. Maybe it’s because it’s because I’m in a hurry. I’ve figured out a way to get search engine traffic that is targeted traffic but not many other people get. What’s this super secret way? Typos in the headlines.

It seems that people mistype things all the time when they search for things in Google. I’ve been getting 10-20 hits a day from a headline I intentionally misspelled to test out something a friend told me and another 5-10 on another. It’s much easier to rank high on keywords that are typos and yet the people that come to your site were actually looking for your content, they just didn’t know how to spell it correctly. It’s kind of like going after the heavier girl in the bar. She still a nice girl, there’s just not as many guys chasing after her. Of course, you can’t just start misspelling every keyword in your title or you’re going to start looking like an idiot but there are creative ways to do it. Many of the new web 2.0 companies have crazy spellings that can easily be screwed up so why not target those misspellings by typing it correctly in some parts of the story and incorrectly in others?

Domain Squatters have been using this technique for years and I’m sure SEO people have done it as well. Me, I usually do it because I’m a terrible speller.

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