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A Few Nice Domains Dropping This Weekend (Swamp Donkey?)

A lot of good names dropping for a Saturday.  Will be a ton of people out playing this weekend with the first weekend of nice weather around the nation for the first time a while.  Here are a few names I though were interesting. Going to go for $3K plus but under $5K still offers room for a flip. There are hundreds of places named Old Towne.  End user sale is high possibility here A website waiting to happen.  A Swap Donkey is a heavy set girl that waits around the bars to pounce on a drunk guy that normally would never get with her. Doesn’t get much love from estibot/valuate but I like the name.  14,000 searches and certainly a good link related domain A very nice geo and little pre interest (interest right before the deadline when everyone normally swoop in)

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