The Results from “Guess Which One Sold for More” Contest

Mar 05 2010

Looks like I won’t be doing this again.  Only three entrees.  I guess it was one of those, cool the first time, old the second. Maybe it was the prize of the leftover filet mignon of the Southern California domain meetup.  Either way, I think I’ve proven my point that nobody truly can tell what a name is worth.   The “other” Patrick won the grand prize this week with 7 correct.  Congrats to him and I will be sending the meat over later this week.   Thanks to the other guys for playing along and I’ll be buying you both beers if I see you in person. Ask Chef, I’m good for it.  Here are the sales prices of the domains below

1. ($5532) Vs. ($1100)

2. ($2000) Vs. TravelZone ($15,000)

3. ($5250) Vs. ($2700)

4. ($15,510) Vs. ($10,145)

5. ($3000) Vs. ($5010)

6. StayingAlive ($6900) Vs. ($4500)

7. ($25,000) Vs. ($59,000)

8. ($8819) Vs. ($3101)

9. ($20,000) Vs. ($100,000)

10. ($2200) Vs. ($5400)

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  1. Patrick

    ” The “other” Patrick won the grand prize this week with 7 correct.”

    I guess that’s me! 🙂

    “…and I will be sending the meat over later this week.”

    Shane, please wait for at least a couple of months.

    I want the filet mignon to be nice and crusty with mold.

    So mid-June would be good.

    By that time, after I trim off the mold I will be left with just one bite.

    But it will be the most delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, sublimely tender and tasty bite ever.

    No steak sauce needed.

    Eat your hearts out Chef Patrick and Chris…

    …and Shane!

    1. Post author

      Chef, you are another Patrick as well. There’s a mentally challenged starfish on Spongebob that is wayyy ahead of you. I won’t even get into the legendary Patrick Swayze. I think the Chef in front saved you from oblivion

  2. Patrick

    “As long as I’m never known as “THE OTHER PATRICK””

    What’s always amusing to me is that Chef Patrick is not a Chef but I was- a Catering Chef.

    So it could have been worse and Shane could have wrote “‘THE OTHER CHEF PATRICK'”.

    I’m getting dizzy.

    Need some of that filet mignon!

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