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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

improved-patrick-frontAs per usual there are some great domains dropping today and I won two yesterday of which I sold one today.  Talk about quick turnaround.  Only a few hundred dollars but I’ll take what I can get.  And remember…..

.<<————Couldn’t afford to Sponsor Patrick so I had to do this (no offense to Domain Gang but I really liked the front spot)

For more names go to, who supplies me with the tools to find the names.

. Some won’t touch because it has ipod in the name and others are going to clamor over it.  Valuate has it at $38,000 dollars and 18,000 searches I love domains with color then noun.  I especially like that with some type of animal in the name but bikini will do.  2300 searches and going cheap at Godaddy It’s going to cost a fortune but a fantastic name I’m going to give you the name AND the idea. Start a StumbleUpon site with the name.  That or you just have them hit a button and it takes them to some random site on the net. I deal with this every day.  It’s what many of the bottles and pot manufacturers have moved to.  Big name of the future

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3 Replies to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today”

  1. I hate color domains. Way to niche man =)

    I sold a few (color)bikini domains way back. If I said for peanuts I’d be lying, more like peanut crumbs. If you want CHeaP let me know. I liked it a little more then usual cause it’s kind of a staple product like a blue blazer.

    1. Ahh that’s your problem. People don’t use the names to actually sell that product so in this case plural is not better. I said I like them. Not sure if others due.

  2. Yea not the worst name in the world. You might be able to do something with it. If I owned a bikini shop I’d pay a lot for it.

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