A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Feb 03 2010

improved-patrick-frontAs per usual there are some great domains dropping today and I won two yesterday of which I sold one today.  Talk about quick turnaround.  Only a few hundred dollars but I’ll take what I can get.  And remember…..

.<<————Couldn’t afford to Sponsor Patrick so I had to do this (no offense to Domain Gang but I really liked the front spot)

For more names go to DomainStryker.com, who supplies me with the tools to find the names.


IpodDocks.com Some won’t touch because it has ipod in the name and others are going to clamor over it.  Valuate has it at $38,000 dollars and 18,000 searches

YellowBikini.com I love domains with color then noun.  I especially like that with some type of animal in the name but bikini will do.  2300 searches and going cheap at Godaddy

MyHeart.com It’s going to cost a fortune but a fantastic name

RandomRead.com I’m going to give you the name AND the idea. Start a StumbleUpon site with the name.  That or you just have them hit a button and it takes them to some random site on the net.

Thermoformplastic.com I deal with this every day.  It’s what many of the bottles and pot manufacturers have moved to.  Big name of the future

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  1. Jody

    I hate color domains. Way to niche man =)

    I sold a few (color)bikini domains way back. If I said for peanuts I’d be lying, more like peanut crumbs. If you want YellowRaincoats.com CHeaP let me know. I liked it a little more then usual cause it’s kind of a staple product like a blue blazer.

    1. Post author

      Ahh that’s your problem. People don’t use the names to actually sell that product so in this case plural is not better. I said I like them. Not sure if others due.

  2. Jody

    Yea not the worst name in the world. You might be able to do something with it. If I owned a bikini shop I’d pay a lot for it.

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