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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

I’m adding a little twist to today’s names by adding some names that are dropping that are PR 5 or higher and/or DMOZ listed.  Names that aren’t so specific that you can’t build out a link site with relevant content.  I’ll be adding a few of these each day from now on for the people that are interested in purchasing names for SEO. Great name, 60K searches and a $17,000 estibot.  I still think this will go at value Yes there are trademark problems so thus the 0 bids.  90,000 searches and a $16,000 valuate I don’t know if this snake’s bite will kill you but the price certainly won’t.  6600 searches for this critter A name that in my opinion, works with the .net.  At $10 and an Estibot of $3000 Looks like a normal 4L .net but it’s a PR5 and DMOZ listed name. Another PR5 dropping.  Old prison photography site that was DMOZ listed.  Great link builder


There were a lot more good names today.  Go to if you want to find more

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5 Replies to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today”

    1. Ciprian,

      This was my error, at the time they were all available, I had my days off. Namejet puts drops in prerelease, wishlist means the auction has already started or they didn’t go to auction. As for your two names, I’ll pass

  1. I gave an example:) they are dropping today, not pre-releases, no wishlists, plain, simple drops. I didnt backorder those, if i did, i wouldn’t post’em here, but some might still want to buy them

    1. Sorry, I really do appreciate the comments, I didn’t mean to offend. I don’t post things available for hand register after drops, not because there aren’t some diamonds in the rough, but because by the time the get there they have been picked through at all the pre releases and godaddy type auctions. 99% of the time if they are good they’ll get taken before they ever see the light of day for hand register.

  2. pfff, they are in pending delete to drop today 02.18.2010, they are not available for hand registration. I dont understand where from you got this ideea. This is what i call domains dropping today, domains expiring today, isn’t this the basic notion of a droping name? I wassent offended, we are just having a relaxed exchange of ideeas:)

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