A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Some very nice domains dropping today and as I always say.  It’s Monday and that means another week and another opportunity to make some money.

ArtDistrict.com  Not a lot of searches but a perfect name for an art site.

Childhood.com One of the bigger names to drop in the last few weeks. Will be out of the range of most of us but still nice to watch.

Go to DomainStryker.com if you want to find more

SexVideoPorn.com If you’re a keyword guy that pretty much sums up the top three most searched terms all in one

Sawdust.net Works for me but then again I sell sawdust

HotPeppers.net More popular than ever. Vegetable Sales are up thousands of percent and so are peppers.

Evaporation.org I’m going green on you here.  I think this name works in .org and estibot does too as it give it a $3400 value

Domain of the Day:




2 Replies to “A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today”

  1. Shane – Thanks for the list as always buddy.
    Just wanted to point out that its ContractsJobs.com thats on auction. I went to bid and then saw the typo.

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