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There’s Been Some Real Nice 5L Sales Lately

Just enough to keep the dreams alive of all the people that buy all the other junk 5Ls.   I hated to even post it because I didn’t want people think that all 5 Letter dot coms are valuable.  Most are not,  but you can spell a lot of things with 5 letters and you can also create names that mean nothing, are easy to spell, and make great web names.  This has led to some nice sales over the last few months.  Take a look at the sales numbers

DARKY.COM $5510 Sedo

OHBOX.COM $2500 Sedo

IWAYA.COM $2375 Sedo

AGEAS.COM $2245  Sedo

PHIBO.COM $4002 Sedo

IDOCK.COM $3600 NameJet

XYLEM.COM $3400 NameJet

VSPOT.COM $2900 NameJet

THICK.COM $10,000

QUIPO.COM $2,815 Afternic DLS

KADOS.COM $2,426 Afternic DLS

JIGGA.COM $2,250 Afternic DLS

SEMAH.COM $1,700 Afternic DLS

LEYEE.COM $3,750

HOPEE.COM $1,800

SEEYU.COM $1,200



SUKAR.COM $5,500

TAKIT.COM $2,988

LASEN.COM $2,800

MAAYA.COM $2,500

COSKU.COM $1,200

PRIXI.COM $2,388   Afternic DLS

GERDY.COM $2,088 Afternic DLS

DUFUR.COM $1,000 Afternic DLS

CANTA.COM $2,550 Afternic

NUPRO.COM $2,000 Afternic

KYOKU.COM $950 Afternic

SKYRC.COM $4000 Afternic

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5 Replies to “There’s Been Some Real Nice 5L Sales Lately”

  1. Good info, I think its always hard to know with and you sometimes wonder why some paid what they paid.

    Iwaya and semah got great prices IMO. I own a few like DUKKS,Iloga,Yread,Fifen and Kifam and would be glad to see those prices. Yread gets lowballs all the time of $50/$60 but the others have not garnered any interest.

    Do you sell a lot of 5L Shane ?

  2. I would call some of these junk too though at first glance.. I have a handful of five letter coms, literally 5-6. I think my best 5L .com is: Tepri

    My biggest sale to date of a brandable 5-7 letter .com is still only in the $xxx range. What did you ever do with your ‘best’ one Shane?

  3. I think 5l are tough. I have ebldr and ibldr, which mean something to me and my industry, but to 90% of everyone else they mean nothing.

  4. @Mike. Like I said I’ve sold 10-20 a year for XXX and a few for XXXX but I put them back into more “quality” 5Ls. Sello is my favorite and I haven’t done anything with it…….yet. I really like the ones that have a real word followed by “o”.

    @Steve those aren’t real valuable but as long as they mean something to someone you’re ok but with those I highly doubt it 🙂 see above 🙂

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