A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 28 2009

In a slow period of domaining but still some decent deals to be had.  Stay Away from the junk is a theme for many but at $10,  you can afford to gamble for a few of these. Of course a few of these will reach the thousands.

Manish.org A very popular Hindu name mean “The God of the Mind”  For $10 it could be an easy resell.  If there’s no takers I’ll let my friend Manish know it’s for sale

RubberBracelets.org 9800 searches and a $5.52 CPC can make this $10 pickup a nice turn

Aino.com Lots and lots of bidders for this nice LLLL.com.

Ponte.com A great 5L with lots of bidders.  Ponte Wineries will send a lot of traffic but means “point’ in many languages

Suzanne.org Another name but plenty of women named suzanne in this world. Makes a nice email

HappyBookSeller.com A DMOZ listed site with a valid PR4 and a little traffic make this a nice domain if you sell books somewhere.

A side note

blabr.com is over 5K at sedo with only one bidder.  Seems a bit high for this name

Find.net is at 25K and on the other side of the spectrum is low

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