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Domain Gang to Offer Ebook For 75% of Readers Who Don’t Understand Their Satire

Recently crowned by Guiness World Records for most blocked blog on Domaining, Domain Gang recently decided to offer an eBook to help communicate to the domaining community the art of satire and it’s interpretation. A few misunderstood articles such as”DNForum to Close” have shown that the community may only be reading on the surface and can’t break through to the “sheer brilliance” that lies within. Although it may appear that each article has the “all bloggers other than Rick Latona, Chef Patrick, and Elliot suck” feel, the intention is for all of us to laugh and learn together. Domain Shane was honored to be sold an advance copy of this eBook (for some reason on a floppy disk) entitled “You Suck: Domain Gang’s Guide to Satire” for only $230. Now that think about it, maybe it’s just “Domain Gang’s Guide to Satire” because it was handwritten “Shane, You Suck!” with the title below it. Either way I though I would summarize a few of the Chapter Titles and their descriptions.domain gang

1. Name Dropping: Important People Can Take A Joke and Draw More Eyeballs

2. Domain Newbies: They are funny because they know less than us

3. Figure It Out: The Art of Making Users Decide If Its a Real Story or Opinionated Satire

4. Timber: 12 Simple steps to Verbally Blasting all That Oppose

5. Chef Patrick: The Ultimate Fallback for Writer’s Block

6. Magic Disclaimers: Using Disclaimers to turn articles from reality to humor

7. Don’t Take It Personal: Using the word “bloggers” to make fun of individuals without picking individuals out

8. New Definitions: How to Make One Person Into a Gang

9. 4 Point Minimum System: Using a Point System to Determine Worth of An Article (sneak peek at values)

  • Chef Patrick +4
  • Bruce Marler +3
  • Sahar Sarid +3
  • Elliot Silver +4
  • Francois +7
  • Tia Wood +2
  • Ron Jackson +2
  • Rick Latona +7
  • Owen Frager +1
  • Aron Meystedt +1
  • Stephen Douglas +1
  • Domain Shane -5
  • Anything IDN -7

10. Give Me a Break: It’s Not Easy Writing Funny Stuff About Domaining

I’m so glad I purchased this Ebook. It was the best $230 I’ve spent this year and with the book, I can not only write my own domaining satire but I completely understand it. Before the Ebook I was 2nd tier domainer with junk domains that couldn’t find an end user if he was dating my sister. NOW, I’m a 2nd tier domainer with junk domains that couldn’t find an end user if he was dating my sister, that can laugh at himself.

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3 Replies to “Domain Gang to Offer Ebook For 75% of Readers Who Don’t Understand Their Satire”

  1. The art of writing satirical or humorous content is something that cannot be forcefully forged (current attempt at humoring the humorists); either you possess it or you don’t.

    Thanks Shane for the attention you’ve given DomainGang (note: single word in Camel Casing). Those that oppose to what we do have the option to purchase a brain or to block us altogether. Any argument can have the synopsis: DomainTools seized the opportunity and became our corporate sponsor for a full year.

    In a nutshell: anything that steers off the beaten path is seen by outsiders as a non-conformist attempt when in fact it can be pioneering. We are not concerned about the voices of negativity; our growth is established and radical.

    Happy new year!

    1. Ahhh the old screw up in the CamelCasing. I do it every time. Sorry about that. When you have to come up with humorous articles every day it will undoubtedly be forced at times. There are reasons why comedy shows have 10-15 writers. Keep up the good work, the article was all in fun

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