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Headed Out To Take Photos For My Websites

Filbert OrchardThe key to creating a nice visual for a post or website are photos or pics.  Unfortunately, a library of photos is not something most people have laying around.  Original photos not only save you money,  but keep you legal and often stand out when people are searching through Google images.

I hate when I am forced to do what Elliot did here.  He did what he needs to do and put a credit link under the photo but it really takes away from his clean look. (I actually am going to search through my Chicago photos and see if I can find him a good one and send it to him).  I’ve mentioned before that I take photos every day to put on my sites.  Don’t get me wrong, for quick posts I throw up net found images, but on my websites I always try and use my own first.  I also keep a list of “wanted” photos as I am working.  When I find the shot I then am able to replace the photo with my own.   I am not a great photographer but I have good equipment and use the “take a million shots to get one” method.  I also am pretty good with lighting. I use a Canon G10, a Nike D80, a very nice macro lens, and a telescopic lens.  Between those I can get prettyMt. Hood Boring much everything I need.

Recently in Portland I ended up getting over a 100 photos that were portfolio worthy and those alone will save me enough to pay for my trip (all the plants I bought cheap will be the profit). I have to admit some of the guys were a bit curious about some of my subject choices but when you have a site about landscape construction you need landscaper tool shots.

Today there is a fresh beautiful snow.  I’m heading out with a package of Christmas ornaments and taking photos for Christmas cards next year. I’m also getting a bunch of snowy, wintery, type photos as well. The old shoveling snow, kids playing type pictures will come in handy as well.   I’ll add a couple of my shots when I get back.Boot Tree

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  1. Yes, I have some sites where a fair percentage of the traffic comes from the photos. Like you, today I took a short trip to downtown Miami to take pictures for a simple geo

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