A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 31 2009

The last day of 2009, could it be the day you pick up your million dollar name?  Doubt it.   There’s still money to be made here.  Made a whopping $35 yesterday flipping pickups that I just picked up,  but money is money.

UnViewable.com For the low price this is a very flippable name.

NipV.com A decent 4 letter dot com.  Probably worth at least $50 and it will go cheaper than that

Mineralizing.com A dictionary term that I use almost every day.  OK,  I never use it but that doesn’t mean its not a real word.

Buteyko.net A breathing technique.  Asthma users benefit from using this.  Interesting name, 1 bidder and $1000 at Valuate

Fulfilled.com I don’t like these names because people never know how to spell them.  Its like embarrassed.com.  Still a nice name

Zopt.com Prounounceable (kind of) with just a few bidders

pspbattery.net You can be the king of this category, PsP batteries, OK the queen (after the .com owner) but no bidders means its all you.

AutomotiveInsuranceCompanies.com A terrible name but I had to put it up there because of its $33 CPC.  I’ll take a click a day and be happy

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