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The $XX Auction That Nobody Knew About ……Part 1

A few weeks ago an auction went down over at DnForum that didn’t get much publicity.  While the big boys of domaining drink their Grey Goose,  sit in their limos trading million dollar domains and texting each other SEO tricks,us regular guys are picking up the scraps on the forum boards. Earlier in the year, I’d  been involved in such HUGE deals as and so obviously when a high flying domain name around $20 is on the market, I get the call.  While this was both exciting and frustrating, the anonymous caller said yet ANOTHER major auction was going on.

It seems that a 22 year old male from Florida had gotten over his head in some 4L dot coms.  At the time of purchase,  4 consonant domain names with a few Qs and Zs thrown in were hot.  Easily reaching $20 and $30 a piece, but times were a changing.  Now he sat on over 10 of them.  After repeatedly trying to sell them on the boards at $800 a piece with no takers and getting friends from High School to help him get on Sedo, no luck.  The phone call was to take place and rumors that he would take $XX for all ten were floating around.  I told a friend of a friend (to hide my identity) to email him with an offer. I knew he would have to consider my offer.   Stay tuned for Part 2

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