Swype Inc Buys Swype.com on Sedo for 25K

Dec 30 2009

Sedo recently posted the sale of Swype.com for a nice $25,000 to the seller.  Swype Inc the buyer, is a hot product right now.  If you’re not familiar with Swype,  it’s a new way to type on a keyboard through “swiping” your fingers across the keys in certain ways that let the program figure out what you are trying to type. It’s being put on many of the new devices including the new Google phone and much talked about in the tech world.   Sounds difficult but the results are pretty nice. Like anything it takes practice and if the videos on youtube prove anything, it’s that there are people on any of the devices that are amazingly fast typers.

The history of swype.com are interesting.  Started as a porn site, or at least it appeared to, but I really couldn’t do much research as the porn popups almost gave me a heart attack as my daughter read Harry Potter on the couch next to me. At one point it was a clothing line site.  Skype clothing, “not a style but a lifestyle”.  Of course. That eventually folded and the name went into parking, most likely as a typo of Skype,  and seemed to change hand a few times.  Then Swype Inc came around in 2008 and gave the latest owner a nice little payday.  Another addition to the 5L dot coms that make nice company or app names and sell for good money.  Here is a video of Swype in action against vs an iPhone keyboard.

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