A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today (PR 6)

Mar 05 2010

It’s Friday and there are plenty of nice names falling.  A few nice PR 5 and 6 as well.  Now onto the names

Spitsbergen.com A city in Norway that gets 1200 searches and has a pretty good estibot of $5900

DailyGames.org A great deal under $50 here.  60,000 searches a month and gets about 10 typeins a day as a parked site

ClickRadio.com I would consider this a strong brandable meaning nobody is looking for it now but it’s a great name and easy to remember

Xooc.com Some people still don’t get 4 letter dot coms but if this goes for under $100 it’s an easy 300% flip

SpoonFork.com Great name for selling silverware

Amoxicillin.net If you’ve ever had a kid, you know what this is.  90,000 searches and $3100 valuate

Cnl.net 3 letter dot nets seem to hold value but this one is a PR6 and 13 years old, so it’s even better

Pebio.com A PR 5 that is dropping

It’s easy to find a lot more good names using DomainStryker.com

Domains For Sale

ComodityOptions.net $150  $13.24 CPC    1220 Searches   $950 Valuate

Midweek.net   $200  Hawaiian paper is midweek.com  Valuate $2800

UniqueNames.org $150  27,000 searches

Email me if interested in purchasing domains.  Feel free to make offer

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