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The Trend Continues: Strong Sales of 5 Letter Dot Coms The Last Few Weeks

It may not be your “thing” but it’s certainly a trend you want to keep an eye on.  Amongst the millions of complete junk 5L dot coms out there are pronounceable, easy to spell, no meaning names that are reaching great prices.   I personally have noticed a huge increase in the prices and offers I’m receiving for many of my names.  If you take a look at DnJournal this week you’ll notice that it’s littered with 5 letter dot com sales over $1,000.  I emphasize these are a certain “style” of name.  Your and are not going to make the list.   Take a look at some recent sales and I’ll leave out because of obvious reasons  $18,000 $14,960 $10,000 $2700 $3005 $2261 $4000 $2040

Rebee $3400 $4000 $2388 $3220 $2500 $3010

Looking at those names, how many of you would have paid $500 for any of those?

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3 Replies to “The Trend Continues: Strong Sales of 5 Letter Dot Coms The Last Few Weeks”

  1. Here are six 5-letter dot com domains I wouldn’t mind receiving offers on–any comments?

    1. TVSVC
    2. IOUIT
    3. NSABJ (yes, there’s an “adult” aspect–which provides possible flipping later to Adult Buyers?)
    4. SXXX9
    5. OFCBJ
    6. OFCDP

    I also own these (and more) 4-letter dot com domains, with similar adult-related connotations–any comments/offers/etc?

    QBFU (QB = Quarterback)

    David Conners–Registrant
    aka: “Dave Cummings”

    1. David,

      Of course there is always a chance but those are hand reg type names. All worth $8 or less. The 4L are lower end as well with the Qs. Some $25 or less on most of those as well. I would suggest letting all the 5Ls drop and get what you can for the 4L’s on ebay. I’m not trying to be harsh but just telling my opinion

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