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Domaining on a Budget: A Free Dropping Domains Analyzer

dropday_drop_analyzerWhen it comes to analyzing drops and checking through the names falling each day, we all have our favorites.  From Domain Stryker to GoDrops to FreshDrops there are a ton of pay services out there but there’s one I use every day and it’s free.  I’m writing this, not because I’m being paid (they couldn’t pay me anyway, it’s hard to pay for ads when your product is free) but because I actually use it.  Domain Stryker is the best out there, it’s simple and laid out well but it DOES cost. has become one of my go to sites because it has great PR data and DMOZ listings in addition to the typical data you find at other sites. It even checks for fake page rank. If the PR has a caution sign it means the PR is fake and 9 times out of 10 if it says it’s real , it’s real (of course I double check before buying).  There is an entire business model in domaining and SEO built on buying and selling PR sites.   I buy a lot of the names to resell or to use as links to my sites…..Google juice sites.

I have no idea who’s behind the site and I’ve reached out to them but with no luck.  I even sent an email inquiring about advertising and never heard back.  Evidently other domainers use it as well as they receive nice traffic based on their compete and alexa so it’s certainly no secret.  One of my favorite features, a feature that is going to save many of you tons of money, is the fact it only lists dot com, net, org drops.  Sure there are some decent names falling in the other ccTlds but who wants to stand is a rainshower of poop trying to catch a quarter :).

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    1. You’re doing a great job and you weren’t kidding. I’m a little disturbed that you googled “rainshower of poop” though. LOL

  1. I have a problem with the “Visits per Day”…
    not realistic and if you compare the stats to the GoDaddy stats for example – its not even close.

  2. Shane great post, keep them coming. All tools in this industry should be free!

    You my friend are the “rainshower of poop”!

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