A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today: Take a Look

Apr 07 2010

The 4L dot nets that were all registered last year during the four letter dot com bubble are now all falling.  You want one…..wait.  They’ll be on the regular drop list here soon.    There are also quite a few 4L dot coms falling as well.  Here are a few names I like for today.

HunkyDory.com A term used all the time in modern day life.  Means “all good”  Probably will hit $1000 but still a good price at that and under

Fivy.com A nice 4L.com.  Some would even call it a CVCV……but I don’t

HDsi.com Another good 4L with solid letters.  Very flippable if the price is low enough

LikeSomeone.com Great match making site name. Again, very easy to remember and spell

NRF.com 3 letter dot net are very liquid names.  You can sell them at any point….for a profit is another story

Hieroglyphs.org I’m not exactly sure what you would do with this name but I like it and it’s a perfect fit for a dot org

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