A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today: The Very Tired Edition

Jan 06 2010

I’m not sure if anyone reads these lists but hopefully at least one person does because I barely could stay awake to make it.  I make these up each night and between the 10 mile run at -15 degrees windchill and the U of I basketball game that started at 8 pm, I’m whooped.  Don’t know why those would tire me out but they did.

KickScooter.net 74K searches is a lot to play with.  You want to sell kick scooters.  Here you go Pushscooter is available also….but why would you want that?

TotheLeft.net 60K searches.  Great Democrat site.  Valuate at $3000

RoboticPets.com It’s the future and they don’t poop on the rug.  Valuate at $2300

BiPolarHusband.com You’ll be hard pressed to beat my wife in this auction.  Not worth anything but pretty funny name

Uppz.com 4L easy to pronounce and only 1 bidder.

SanPedroCalifornia.com A nice Geo with 49K searches.

OldRadio.org I’m not a big dot org fan but this name works for me (and 1 bidder so far).

Mouse.info It’s not a drop but one of the better dot infos to come on Sedo in a while.

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