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Why I Won’t Be Attending Any Domain Conventions

Unfortunately I won’t be attending any domain conferences this winter.  It’s not for the reasons you are thinking. I would absolutely love to go but I have too many other “events” going on.

I am in the nursery business and this is when us green guys have our conferences as well.  A heck of a lot cheaper to attend but not quite as fun.  Of course, I make a lot more money selling plants than I do selling domains.  A good nursery show could mean an extra 500K if I make the right sales or purchases.  I at least thought I could make Domainer Mardi Gras but it falls the exact weekend as our ski trip.  Skiing with the family trumps everything.  I could make it to Vegas for the last two days but even at half price it just isn’t worth it.   Of course if Rick wants to give me a “late to the party” deal, I may be able to make it.

Can_t Go BusyGoing to a domain conference isn’t something I ever thought I would do but things changed this year and it all started with this blog.  It has taught me more in the last 3 months than I learned in the last 5 years.  My sites are making more, I’ve sold more domains this month than the last two years, and people actually want to advertise and pay me to blog. (Spots still open).  So now I’m sitting with a decent bankroll, looking for more information and looking forward to meeting other domainers and now I can’t find the time. Oh well, time to start saving for  Hong Kong.

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