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A Few Nice Domains Dropping: Tuesday Edition

Flipped 2 pickups yesterday.  Not much money but a couple hundred dollars is nice if you can do it a few times a week.  Here is today’s list that was found using and a few other tools.


. The last book in the Twilight Series.  Will eventually get big traffic but way down the road.  Trademark issues as well but a good name for $25 if this is your cup of tea If you haven’t heard of pickleball then you don’t have a Mom that’s 50-60.  It’s the active senior’s game of choice.  Rising in popularity each year.  Slap up some rules and there’s your website The searches for this one all come from a song but I like this name.  Not a great keyword but very easy to remember and an easy logo.   Again, not sure what to do with it but worth $25 Plenty of things you can do with this one.  A twitter friend finder? Be careful on the Google of this one.  A gruesome act that makes a very rememberable domain name. Only 16 bidders on this one so it may stay reasonable.

Domain Spotlight: