A Few Nice Domains Dropping: Wed Edition

Dec 30 2009

dropprNot a very good day for drops but all it takes is one.  Flipped two domains yesterday ( a great “off week”) that I picked up on drops within the last 2 weeks.  They went to the owners of the dot coms.  I didn’t buy them to sell them to those individuals, I bought them to build a site and monetize but it worked out well for both sides.  Here are the few

Droppr.com A perfect name for a domain drop.  Over at Bido  (ps I’m selling it)

Nobd.com I’m not going to discuss the meanings behind the name but would make a nice adult name.

Southbeachdiet.net Big trademark problems here but pointing out that it is expiring, massive searches

Hotteens.org This is getting a bit creepy but it’s all that I got today. 301K  searches

HotChicks.org Same thing and only one other creepy guy next to you bidding.

templatefusion.org A real PR6 with some traffic and links. Used to sell CSS templates

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