A Quick And Easy Way to Check For Pagerank Fraud Without a Special Site

Dec 29 2009

Fake-pagerankI’m always surprised how many people bid good money on sites that have obvious PR fraud.  It’s easy to make your site appear to have a better pagerank than it does but it’s even easier than that to check it.  You don’t have to go to some pagerank site to check,  you simply have to go to Google. Go to Google and type in info:website.com, substituting website.com with your url.  If Google returns the same website underneath then you have a real pagerank.  If it shows another site then its been forged. Be careful of the tld.  You may be checking the .net and it returns the .com.  Let’s take a name that’s dropping, Sofabestselection.com.  It shows a PR10 and we surely know it can’t be a 10 without being a major site or an edu,  so let’s put it in Google.  Watch it here.  See where it leads, the University of California.  And yeah some sucker is bidding $20 on it right now at GoDaddy.

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