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A Few Nice Domains Dropping

There are so many good names out there right now.  All it takes is time to monetize them.  They are some cheap prices, high search, high CPC out there ripe for the picking.  I couldn’t name them all so you’re either going to have to find them yourself or go to, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. An Indian name but most likely best known for being a former Miss World and hottie named Priyanka Chopra.  6700 searches and bound to get good traffic with content 8600 Searches.  I found this one especially for Ron (if you’re reading) Good value with no bidders Going to go for a few thousand but a great name Doesn’t really mean anything but very brandable name 2600 searches for $60 (no bids as of now) is a good buy Lots of searches, mostly for names of the same name, but with no bidders, this should be easy an easy payback. Nice $3.57 CPC and 3000 searches.  That and no bidders make it a very nice buy

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  1. Thanks for the lists, one suggestion. If could add which drop these are at it would help a little.

    The links take you right to the bidding page for each name so I really didn’t think that was necessary

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