A Quick Look At My “Value Picks” for the DomainFest Auction

Jan 26 2010

There are plenty of good names but I thought I would share with you a quick look at the names I think have value at their auction reserve

ExtraIncome.com Millions of people on the Internet are looking for exactly that.  An incredible affiliate site and I could see this reaching 6 digits.

CreditCheck.info Not a big fan of info but this one is perfect.  If Free Credit Report can generate hundreds of millions, someone can certainly make this one cashflow

Socializing.com I don’t think this social thing is going to catch on but still a nice name for the price.  That was sarcasm for those of you that didn’t get it

Mgr.com There are few better three letters out there for sale right now.  Everyone sees “manager” when they look at this one.  100K name easy

TropicalPlants.com I have a bias here and may even bid on this one.  Big money and there are plenty of end users/ companies that could use this one

SolarBlinds.com If the reserve is on the low end of 5K it is a good deal.  These are becoming a reality and high CPC rate.

Some great names here and the reserves are much more realistic than TRAFFIC so I expect them to kill the results from Vegas. Then again the bar was set pretty low there.

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