A Few Recent Sales Results on Namejet

Oct 08 2012

I’ve been following more auctions at Namejet than usual because I am buying more actively.  Not more names, just better names.  I used to not follow names I couldn’t afford.  Now I figure I’ll get in because you never know.  Here are some interesting results

WaxCandles.com  $1322

CashSettlement.com  $6009

AffiliateWeb.com $1005

PornoIndustry.com $3121.com

SPSO.com $309

201.org $699

HHHP.com $370 (My how the collectible LLLL.coms have fallen)

6432.com  $1903

BackgroundChecks.org $1010

SmartReward.com $636

SandyBeaches.com $3001

Gumm.com $1900

vp.cc $465

graduatestudent.com $3101

AdultBusiness.com $6599

SteamRooms.com $5000

Fett.com $2211


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