And All Its Domain Assets for Sale At Flippa

Nov 19 2013

I was surprised today when I received an email from a reader that let me know that LoveLogo and all its assets were up for sale at Flippa.  LoveLogo is probably best known in our industry for having funny and informative info graphics.  But the infographics didn’t pay the bills.  It was supposed to be domain sales.  Evidently that doesn’t either. When I contacted Jordan about working together this summer he mentioned he was more interested in building websites and startups.  Looks like he may be heading in that direction in his description of reason for selling

it has become harder and harder to find quality brandables for our price range and as a result it has become difficult for us to replenish our stocks without overpaying or buying below average names. 18 months ago you could buy nice short brandables for under $20 but now on the expired auctions they are going for $400+ for the good ones and even the lesser ones are near the hundred dollar mark. We never had a huge portfolio so it was always difficult to replace the better names but now its much tougher but we were lucky to get quite a few during the good times.Secondly we have different projects within the company and one of the apps we are developing has received outside funding so focus is shifting towards these emerging markets and technologies

According to the stats he’s put up the site isn’t getting much traffic nor selling very many names.  An average of $3700 per month.  Not a lot for all their efforts.  I wish Jordan and crew the best of luck in their sale and in their new ventures.  It’s a talented group so I know they won’t need it.

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    Thanks for the shoutout Shane,all publicity is good publicity.Its sad to see this project up for sale but it would be sadder to see it get neglected and run out of stock thats why its priced to sell.We never had a large portfolio of names or point most of our domains to the site so traffic was never going to be the same as the sites like Brandbucket and with our prices we were never going to make millions but its served it’s purpose and always had solid profit margins and served as a platform for domains we sold offsite. Truth be told I had little knowledge of domains when I headed the project but I liked to think I’ve built the beginnings of a brand. Thanks to everyone for their support and thanks to Shane for promoting our infographics.


  2. Brad Miller

    First I am learning of, I certainly like the model. Some good brands in there, and some great looking logos too. They all do a good job in supporting the primary asset sale, the sale of the domain name.

    I like the price points, and I think to myself that with the release of all the new gTLD’s – there will be a substantial number of domains available for similar propositions.

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