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A Few Shout Outs

I’ve been busy lately but wanted to say a couple things about what’s going on in domaining and of course, my opinions

Morgan Linton I’m always talking about approaching things from a different angle and Morgan “gets it”  He’s putting domaining onto film.  I watched him make a who’s who of domaining at TRAFFIC and I think people are underestimating where he is going to take this.  I only see one problem,  how’s he ever going to keep his “real” job.

Frager aka the last domainer still on blogspot.  I really want to meet him.  I hear good and bad about him but I figure it’s like his posts.  Some are excellent and show incredible knowledge and others are 120 characters long and show how busy he must be Jason is starting to get the blog bug back.  He’s posting more than ever and putting out some good stuff  He’s got a great future in domaining if he can kick the junk tld habit 🙂

Rick Latona Dropping the price of TRAFFIC is a great business move.  His daily auctions are fantastic and just when you thought he couldn’t do any better it seems he has

Chef Patrick One of the best guys I met this year.  We all miss his daily blogging but happy he’s doing well.  He always wanted to move big money domains and he’s fulfilling that dream I absolutely love this domain and should have bought it from Reese the first go round.  Scraping up money to buy it now at the auction One of my favorite blogs.  One of the hardest working men I know.  Does his day job AND puts out quality articles and research each and every day.

.CO As much as I hated .cm is how much I like dot co.  They are a class act and seem to be doing everything right.  They certainly are spending the money to try and do it correctly.  The results are yet to be seen but their relaunch seems to headed in the right direction Speaking of niches. They’ve found it and are succeeding.  This isn’t a short term gain.  There is a ton of money to be made in this category.  Those that dismiss it are foolish.  Those that don’t understand it are many.  You need both of those to make good money. Great business model. They have nothing to lose.  They get half the profits and the user pays for the build out.  It is also a perfect alternative to parking.  The epitome of win-win.  Once their customer service catches up to their idea it will be complete.  Rob is fantastic, the others…… to be determined.

My favorite newest idea/site. A nice example of KISS.    We’ll see how it goes after the hype wears off.   He has a real chance.

And finally, at TRAFFIC a few people told me that like all industries, among all the great people in domaining there were some douchebags in this industry.  It took me 6 months to find them but I finally found a few…….but let’s stay positive.

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  1. Marcus,

    Thanks. I am glad my rants are of some value to someone. I usually don’t allow links in the comments but this one is worthy

  2. Shane, why thank your Dr. Green Thumb! We’ve gotta catch up soon, let me know how things are going out there. Go Lakers! I am sure you got a glimpse of them rolling right over Utah. Not just the basketball team but the entire state!

    Your blog is one of the best and you know it!

  3. You have mentioned that you were going to give try to Epik one of your blog. How is your experience with them other than customer relations. As far as your stat goes with them , do you make reasonable profit or have you made yet? Does it work for you ? Or would you rather develop yor domain and not to share profit with them? Would it worth to try them. I have many product domain names.

    1. Ok here is the honest truth. I have roboticpets .com with them. It took them 10 minutes to agree to do the site and 5 minutes to send over a paypal bill for $249. They gave me a date when it would be ready. Date came and went. Emailed me saying it was live but one problem. They didn’t even ask me to change over DNS so impossible. When I email Rob Monster, everything getting taken care of immediately, otherwise, nothing. I have never received an email with adsense stats and as far as I can see it hasn’t made a dime. I do have hopes for the site and I love the business model but I think they have expanded too fast and I got lost in the shuffle. I am still recommending them at this point and Rob is a great guy but I am not going to do a post on good or bad until I get more info and give the site some time. I did hold off on the other 10 sites I want built out until I feel more comfortable and start getting some stats emailed to me. I want more than the public stats. There you go

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for your unbiased opinion. I hope it works well.

  5. Thanks for the comments and for the thread here.

    Product Portals were launched as a public beta. It took off like a rocket. We are now producing about 100 custom portals a week and doing our best to make sure each and everyone one of them is the foundation of a great online business.

    Recently, we have literally turned away business in order to make sure that current customers are pleased with what we deliver. If we don’t think we can make a customer money, we won’t take the order. We are delighted with the customer enthusiasm for what Epik is doing.

    As for Epik’s people, I can tell you categorically that this is the A-team. My last company grew to $65 million in annual sales. This founding team is at least as strong. There are human limits to the output of the A-team, but we designed this business for scale, and are rapidly knocking out the procedural flaws.

    As for customer service, our philosophy is simple. We are only as good as our last project. That’s why you want see Epik get lazy or complacent. We are here to make our customers money. We win when you win.

    And yes the buck stops with me. If anyone has an issue or is not getting timely answers to their questions, here are my coordinates:

    – Email: [email protected]
    – Skype: robertmonster
    – Cell: 425-765-0077

    Email and Skype are pretty reliable so try that first.

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