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Wednesday’s Nice Dropping Domains ….and a few links

Ahhhhhhh.. got the first half day off in 6 weeks and it was nice.  Deposited some checks that have sitting on a shelf for 3 months.  You know you’re busy when you don’t even have time to deposit money.   Now onto the nice names dropping I hate .cc but I’ll make an exception for this one See above If you’re looking to quickly become a rapist, this software will get you there…….oh Therapist You probably have them and don’t even realize it.  Nothing sexier than the rollershade business This is crazy and has no value. Why in the world would someone want smaller breast?  Worth negative $10 15000 searches keeps this dot org alive.  Good eStore possibilites

The “In Case You Missed It”  Links

If you ever want to hear a goat say your IP address then you’ll enjoy this [goatip]

“Brandable” domains or just lottery tickets?  [david-carter]

Sedo employees are jumping ship  [facingtheabsurd]

Handregged domains of the day.   99% are a complete waste of money but every once in a while someone nabs a good one [dnforum]

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5 Replies to “Wednesday’s Nice Dropping Domains ….and a few links”

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    I see a big future for SmallerBreast, although SmallerBreasts would be better. Many young women getting breast implants now will soon enough tire of carrying around two or three extra pounds just to please a man and seek to have them removed. For women, big breasts, natural or artificial, can be a burden, causing backaches and poor posture.

    Also, there can be too much of a “good thing”; thus, breast reduction surgery is big business.

    And what about those “man boobs” that men hate so much?

    I suspect someone will see value in that domain.

    Only a man would say “This is crazy, etc.”


  2. I mail my checks to my bank for deposit when I get too busy.

    Most people don’t know you can do this.

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