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A Twitter Question and Answer Session: And RichMcComas Is a Retweet God

I can’t remember which blog I was reading (sorry for stealing your idea)but it gave me an idea for a fun weekly column where I search Twitter for domain related questions and comments,  and then answer them accordingly.  The RichMcComas thing is below the fold. Here we go  (you can also follow me @DomainShane by the way)

@trevorvaugh Are there ANY domain names left???

No, and if you don’t know how to find them, I’m not going to tell you where they are.  But for $29.95 a month I CAN help you research where to find some hand registers and for $200 a month I can sell you a tool to help you find drops.

@fountaineer: How do I get one of those tiny logos on my domain‘s URL address?

Ahh, this is where The Google Machine gets tricky.  You actually have to know what the name of the item you are looking for to find out more about that item.  Unfortunately, that would mean two different lookups on Google and that is unreasonable. it’s like the 2 click parking page, if today’s Internet users have to click twice to find something, it’s just too much work.  I’ll save a step …..Favicon

@domainlisting Domain News: : You Don’t Know Quack, Really? Aflac #dn

Ahh, so this is how Twitter works.  You take an article written by someone else, scrape it onto your site, put a link up to twitter using a shortener, but the link goes to your scrape site, and THEN back to the original author if you click on it.   It’s like the old MySpace pictures, everything looks fine an pretty until you go there and actually see the person.  Then Chris Hanson comes in and all hell breaks loose.  All from a scraper site link.  Of course, that happened to a friend

@tsspotter Step 1: domain online; Step 2: ?; Step 3: Profit !. SouthPark taught me something.

If you figure out what Step two is please let me know


My #1 rule on the Internet.  If it says “Not a Scam” means most likely that it is

@zlindsey doesn’t like domain squatters

We prefer to be called “Domain Investors”  The other word is racist

@davidokeeffe Anyone want to donate a domain to me?

It’s not quite Haiti but I’m sure there are thousands of you that have a few .cc domains you can part with

@RichMcComas Weather Doesn’t Spoil Domainer Mardi Gras #domain

Actually nothing funny here but RichMcComas is the Retweet God.  There isn’t a domain article in the world he misses.  I am going to name an award after him

@kelseight look out for . @iviary bought the domain name, you know, for AWESOMENESS.

Who says there aren’t any beautiful domain names left to hand register?

@LarkinBC Ever go to register a domain you want and it just works? It makes me wonder… did I spell it wrong?

You spelled it wrong, that is unless you were searching for fucktherainforest and at the time it WAS available……taken now

@kattmoff The year is 2010 and the domain “” has yet to be purchased?!? #youdisappointmeinternet

After this post I give it 24 hours even with the worst Valuate appraisal ever

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    1. Jamie,

      Didn’t mean to straight up copy but loved the comedic value of the tweets. If you want me to quit doing them just email me. Thanks for being a good sport.


  1. What an awesome idea you have here! Retrieve questions from Twitter around any subject then make a blog post about it.

    Of course, Twitter doesn’t have a trackback so you would need to tweet a link to the article and include the @names of everyone that you answered questions for.

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