A Huge List of 1000 Three Letter dot Nets Up for Auction on November 25th At NameJet

Nov 17 2010

The price of common 3 letter dot nets have been falling like a rock.  This year on snapnames you could have had names like ekd.net and vho.net for under $500.  Names that would have been over a $1ooo at one point. It looks like someone thinks the market is either better or they need some cash.  Evidently the owner didn’t want to be identified as well because all the names are protected by Domains by Proxy.

I have to admit it’s the largest list of 3 Letter dot nets in one auction I’ve ever seen.  From See.net to ccc.net there are some pretty impressive names in the list.  I would imagine there are going to be some great deals to be had because of the sheer volume of names.  Of course, the seller could have a reserve on the names so despite you winning the auction.

The hardest part of the auction is putting in bids on 1000 names.  Because namejet only shows 50 at a time I have to go through 20 pages.  Fortunately I can do a whole page at a time.  I’d like to follow all the names to get a feel of value.  I’m not actually interested in any of the names except mow.net and maybe a few more.

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  1. Gnanes

    I bid on most of them to see how much they would sell for. If anything is below the reseller price then i’ll grab them. There are few nice dictionary term .net and .org in there as well.

  2. Snoopy

    “If anything is below the reseller price then i’ll grab them. ”

    Hope you have a couple a million or so in your bank account then.
    Personally I think prices will halve on these with the amount of stock that will be an the aftermarket. There will be lots of these floating around for years after this.

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