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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Daily Auctions: Dot Me Edition

Do you like me, dot me that is.  If you do then Sedo has the auction for you today.  A ton of great dot me names are up for auction that end this morning.  In addition to my normal list, I have a few of my favorites in my list below.  Here they go There’s a reason it gets a $16,000 Estibot.  2900 searches and these seem to be coming back into fashion. Especially in the greenhouse industry. 6500 searches.  If you are or know a dog owner, you know that they want to take those things everywhere.

Yeah, that’s right. Out of all the frickin names at Godaddy, Namejet, and Snapnames that’s all I came up with.  Nothing like spending an hour looking through the garbage pile and only finding two keepers.

And a few names I love from the Sedo Auction of dot Me

While I don’t think dot me works for all names, I really think you could set up some great, memorable, sites with these names.  Plan on bringing over $5K and in some cases $10K for them though.

If you think you can find better names then I suggest

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