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A Look At the New Names Put Up Recently At

Every few weeks I take a look at some of the new names put up at and I know have enough to build a pretty good list.  Like every domain sale platform, for every 100 overpriced name there is a good deal waiting.  Some of the names I like aren’t super bargains but I think they are fair and a good investment.  I took some heat last time for putting up some dot us and other tld names yet 5 or 6 sold from the list.  Names that had no action prior to my posting.  You are being naive if you think my word has the power to sell names.  Evidently there were other domain investors that thought the same as I and bid on the names. A lot of names attempting to be sold have two keywords but there aren’t very many that are better a better combination than this one.  I’ve never met a place that wasn’t selling Campers and RVs. Good plurals and I think this is a great buy and very flippable, even at this price. I noticed its a name owned by DotWeekly’s own Jamie and I think it’s a good buy for this price.  With the mass infusion of junk on the net I think “filter” is the buzzword of the future. If I had the money I would own this one.  You can own the future for $25K.  The org actually gives the name authority here. I have no doubt in my mind every car will be electric and the potential money made with this name is enormous.  Better than dot net, worse than dot com. If you believe in dot info then you will instantly bid on this one.  134K searches and super cheap.  If you don’t believe in dot info………move along I liked this name a few weeks ago and I still like it.  The name says history to me. There needs to be a competitor for or some kind of cache service and this is the perfect name. Hoodies is spelled correctly and this is what Old Navy calls them.  The hottest piece of clothing out there right now.  Every tween and teen seems to be wearing them.  Great buy at this price You know how much it went for earlier.  You’re going to learn a lesson here, courtesy of Warren Royal.  An absolutely perfect ticket selling domain and I think he gets his $20K.  Maybe not here but somewhere.  A great buy at $10K but he is looking for $20K.  Maybe you two can work out a deal For a $300 opening bid this is a great dating sight name. Of course you’d rather have but you will pay 100X more than this.

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3 Replies to “A Look At the New Names Put Up Recently At”

  1. No sure us if i understand,I am a newbie.
    But are the names listed are they premuim.
    I am well funded as my dad owned a real estate business.
    Are you a high ebd broker or know any anyone
    Our prices range from 25k to 300k per name
    I can be reached
    [email protected]

  2. Singled.Com would actually be a pretty rough name for a dating web site.

    SingledOut.Com could be catchy … as a verb (past tense) I don’t know how an end user would develop it. Cheap sure, but where is the potential ? What do you put up there ..

    As far as competing with the domain Previously.Com – not a bad idea because you have etc .. I just don’t think it is catchy enough to be used as that though.

    I could go on, but … Well written post, and it does create a general atmosphere of excitement even if you had no interest in the domains before 🙂

  3. ” I have no doubt in my mind every car will be electric ..”
    It’s not so my friend. The range of the vehicles and battery capacity and charging time handicap these vehicles.

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